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Prickly on the outside. Gooey on the inside.

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The List

  • Boulder V5, V6, V7, V8, V9, V10, V11.
  • Onsite 5.12
  • Lead 5.9 on gear
  • Finish a Half Marathon
  • Ride a bike across a City
  • Ride a bike for 40 miles in a day
  • Buy a lottery ticket
  • Gamble $100 in one shot at a Casino
  • Motorcycle License
  • Foot race a goat
  • Drive a Ferrari at 170+mph
  • Spend less than $500 in one month
  • Cook an excellent dinner for 5+ people on my own
  • Visit Morocco, Iceland, China, Kathmandu, Tibet, Thailand, India
  • Stay in each U.S. State for at least 1 day (35/50)
  • Build a pair of sun/glasses
  • Build a guitar
  • Play and sing for an audience
  • Take one really great photograph
  • Write at least 5 sentences every day for one year
  • Read for half an hour every day for one year
  • Run for 15 minutes every day for one year
  • Spend 48 hours without speaking/hearing/seeing
  • Walk slowly away from an explosion
  • Curl 5 reps of 25 @ 50lbs
  • Fire an entire clip through an automatic rifle
  • Save someones life1
  • Save my own life2
  • Skydive
  • BASE Jump
  1. Summer of 2002 while life guarding.

  2. I think this one is a little silly. For sure I’ve been in situations where the outcome would be fatal and lived. Although not smoking probably counts the most.