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Prickly on the outside. Gooey on the inside.

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Heppy Birfdey tew meeee

Boom. 31. There must be some mistake. I don’t feel that old and I sure as hell don’t have things as figured out as my twelve yearold self would have expected.

I spent the day by myself at the camp ground at Rocktown, Georgia. It’s not that I couldn’t have gone and spent some time with some friends I had made in Chattanooga, but instead I wanted to sit and read. Besides: it was raining, driving all over costs money, and frankly I wanted some solitude.

bday photogs.

End of Rocktown

I capped my three week stay at Rocktown by finishing a few projects. Lee & Nic rolled down from West Virginia for two days. It was pretty nice to show someone around all the Rocktown #choss.

Thanks for the photo Lee. My mother loves it.

Lee asked me to look pretty. Sorry.

Horse Pens 40.

My guests left Rocktown Saturday evening. I woke up Sunday, did laundry bought some grocieries and made the drive to HP40. After four days on my skin was too shot to climb that day, so I walked around and figured out the must do items for the next day.

I awoke to the worst sound in the world. Rain. The morning offered misty, mank conditions. Not exactly what I wanted for learning how to climb on some of the best slopers.

I checked the weather and it showed ice and rain for the next two days. I decided to cut my losses in the South East and start the long haul to Hueco for the Rock Rodeo on the 14th of Febuary.